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Cannaceutical Science, Inc., provides water-soluble CBD products to give you access to the benefits of CBD in a variety of easy-to-access ways. Our water-soluble CBD is designed to achieve effects that are difficult to obtain from individual components.

Discover What We Do

Since 2011, we have provided our custom water-soluble CBD to help you produce special products in both liquid and powder form. We work with you to develop the ideal formulation of our water-soluble CBD products so that you can serve countless clients of your own.

CBD from Cannaceutical Science, Inc., is legal throughout the entire United States. You can ship our water-soluble CBD products throughout the country as well as internationally. We work with you to bring your specific CBD formulation to as many people as possible.

We offer a variety of fan-favorite CBD applications, including:

  • CBD Freeze: Freeze is a topical pain spray that can be used with precision to help with healing and pain that your customers experience.
  • CBD Fizz: Fizz is available as both a powder and tablet — both effervescent. This enables you to give your customers an easy access to CBD through the beverage of their choice. You can design the powder and tablet to mix with other drinks or be best consumed on its own.
  • CBD Energy: Energy is also a powder but is combined with other elements to serve as an energy drink to give your customers the extra boost they need.

Our team of scientists and researchers works closely with you throughout the process to develop the water-soluble CBD products ideal for you and your customers.

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Call (914) 772-2373 to discover what Cannaceutical Science, Inc., can do for you with our water-soluble CBD.

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A little history.....

In 2011 we began a quest to formulate a highly bio available, water soluble version of CBD (Cannabidiol).  After some trial and error we got it right. Over the past 6 years we've refined our process and formulation to create a number of finished products for our customers. Our customers range from Doctors to entrepreneurs all looking for the same thing, the highest quality functioning CBD.

water Soluble CBD being developed

Technical stuff....

CBD isolate is only stable in its crystalline form, but it displays poor aqueous solubility and low dissolution rates, thus reducing the bioavailability and slowing absorption. With the use of our propriety technology, the CBD isolate along with certain GRAS excipients, form a stable amorphous solid dispersion.

This powder has a greatly improved dissolution rate, resulting in increased solubility and bioavailability. Our water soluble CBD powder is microencapsulated in a cryoprotectant matrix containing a bio enhancer BioSolCBDTM is Born.

As a stable powder, it can be used in many delivery forms similar to those in the pharma/nutraceutical arena.


We seek out the finest quality CBD grown from industrial hemp.

A Great Explanatory Video!

A Great Explanatory Video!

What is CBD and where does it come from? CBD is not the same as THC!
Watch the video to learn about it.

Frequently Asked Questions about CBD

Why not use traditional anti-inflammatories?

Unlike commonly used anti-inflammatories, like ibuprofen and acetaminophen, CBD is naturally occurring compound that is not known to affect your liver/kidney no matter the amount. Individuals who take these anti-inflammatories on a daily basis should consider switching over to a healthier CBD.

Is it legal?

Our CBD is legal in the United States and can be shipped to all 50 states as well as international.

Is vaping and smoking CBD a fast way to deliver CBD to the blood stream?

Vaping and smoking CBD dabs is a rapid way to deliver CBD with bioavailability similar to nasal CBD (Ohlsson et al. 1984).
Vaping and smoking, however, expose the lungs to other harmful fumes that may be associated with lung disease.
Besides the health considerations, you can only smoke or vape in certain locations, whereas you can keep our products handy anytime you need them!

Fan Favorite CBD Applications

CBD Energy

Energy Drink Powder

BioSolCBDTM powder with soluble caffeine

We can design to client’s specs for CBD, caffeine dosage and flavor. For use in bulk or stick packs.

CBD Fizz

Effervescent Powder/Tablets

Effervescent powder with BioSolCBDTM

Formulation is used in stick packs or European sachets. Tablets for on-the-go.

CBD Freeze

Topical Pain Spray

CBD Pain Spray

It's like icy hot, but better! We're believers and customers ourselves. Family, friends, and test subjects have all had positive experiences with this formulation because it works!

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